Gamifying pronunciation learning

We build games that children want to play, and the feedback system ensures that in order to excel in the games, the children have to learn to pronounce all speech sounds of the new language.

Our own technology

We make the world's best speech technology for spoken language learning for all age groups.

Pedagogical curriculum based on research

Our games follow a planned study path for learning pronunciation. The amount of exposure and production -- listening and speaking -- is based on on psychological studies on language acquisition.

Learn pronunciation anytime, anywhere!

Our games are almost like a teacher in your pocket. We can't replace a good teacher, but anyone can use our games as tools to augment teaching and learning.

by Pop2Talk

Pop2Talk is an English pronunciation learning game aimed at 5-8 year old children - An age when children are particularly sensitive to learning pronunciation of foreign languages. Players travel through planets popping moonstones and repeating words. The game gives immediate feedback on pronunciation using our proprietary speech recognition and analysis engine.

The game can be used both in school and at home. It is available for both iOs and Android and has a subscription based pricing scheme. Version 1.0 is out for Android and coming soon for ios. Learn more at!